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Rutgers/Seton Hall game thread

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Entering today, Rutgers has an overall 11-7 record, and is 2-4 in Big East play. They are unlikely to have many more opportunities to win, and will have to claw and scratch for every victory from here on out. The consensus is probably that Rutgers will beat SHU next month at the RAC, and win at DePaul. There will be at least one more win, but the opponent as of now is unclear (Providence? St. John's? West Virginia? Charmin-soft Notre Dame?)

It's hard to be optimistic considering how RU played on the road against Princeton and St. Joe's, but anything can happen in a rivalry game. Jeremy Hazell isn't 100%, and Kevin Willard is off to a rocky start, but they're even more desperate for a win and don't have many chances left themselves. The Pirates clearly have the more-talented roster, but that hasn't been much consolation against a tough schedule. They've badly underachieved, and this year's squad will probably go down as the program's most disappointing campaign since Tommy Amaker's last season. The things Mike Rice could have done with that roster...