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News and links roundup for 1/18

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  • There's still no word about any possible NCAA sanctions at UNC.
  • Former Rutgers coordinator John McNulty won't be Miami's next OC, although Al Golden did hire a New Jersey native for the job. Golden also brought in George McDonald from Cleveland as WR coach, who RU briefly hired last year. The Canes also just lost their OL coach though in Jeff Stoutland to Alabama, who also recruited the the NJ/NY area for them.
  • By the way, there was some very big Miami-related news on Rivals premium last week that I wish someone else would confirm so I can publicly analyze it.
  • Here's more about the new Rutgers golf coach.
  • CBS News saw fit to ask why New Jersey gets no respect. Good question. Objectively, if you look at any state ranking metric, N.J. is almost always near the top. Does one need to grow up with a N.J. education to understand the concept of evidence?
  • Public universities like Rutgers are stepping up their alumni donation campaigns. Maybe RU should look at what Oregon's doing?
  • Rutgers received a fair bit of money from 2009's federal stimulus.