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Georgetown Beats Rutgers, 74-65

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They just had too much for RU.

Georgetown was a desperate team, and in the second half it showed.  Austin Freeman hit shots with guys in his grill.  Chris Wright hit open 3s, with hands in his face.  They moved the ball, they found the open man, and they pulled away, opening up a 16 point lead early in the second half.

But Rutgers wasn't done.

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This time Rutgers didn't roll over.  They scratched, they clawed, they fought.  And they cut a 16 point lead to four thanks to a James Beatty three pointer.

It wasn't enough, however, as key rebounds were missed and the guards for Georgetown got really hot from outside.  The Hoyas hit 11 three pointers and went 17 for 19 from the line. 

Rutgers had some players play well, like Gilvydas Biruta who netted 14 and pulled down 6 rebounds even though he came off the bench for the first time all year.  Jonathan Mitchell dropped in 13.  They didn't give up.

Ultimately Georgetown needed a win.  And in a nearly silent RAC, they were able to get it.  Even Mike Rice was satisfied with the effort and formula in this game.  They was nothing Rutgers could do. 

Next up is South Florida on Thursday night.  Hopefull the students show up and are vocal.  Because this team works hard, they need a backing.  They're fun to watch.  And a little more effort from the crowd might be enough to push them over the top. 

Under Fred Hill, they weren't supported.  Now the crowd is wait and see.  No, the team needs the crowd to be there.  They need the students to be loud. 

They need someone to drown out the opposing team's fans, who continue to fill the rafters.  This is a different Rutgers basketball team, and they deserve our support. 

Season's not over yet.

Here's the postgame interview with Mike Rice.