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UConn Shellacks Rutgers in the Second Half, Wins by 14

James Beatty opened up the 2nd half with a wide open three.  Except it rimmed out and Gilvydas Biruta pulled down the rebound.  Then he rimmed out a lay-up. 

UConn then went on a huge run.

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If this game was based on the first half, we'd be talking about a spirited battle where--lead by Austin Johnson's 9 points--Rutgers fell short by 5.  But you can't ignore the 2nd half.

One where UConn blew it wide open and Mike Rice inserted the walk ons.  Mike Poole battled and lead the team in scoring, but the seniors appeared to fall asleep.  It was as if those two missed shots to open the second half took all the fight out of Rutgers.

Sure, in garbage time, Rutgers battled back to make it respectable, but the frightening aspect came in the first ten minutes of the second half.  For at least 8 minutes, Rutgers only had two baskets.  It was ugly.

Not much else to say from On the Banks.  Georgetown is up next at home on Saturday.

Thought it appears the coach had a ton to say afterward. And none of it good.