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News and links roundup for 9/7

  • Happy to see that Schiano and Mason Robinson are at least acknowledging the poor returns from Thursday. That should be correctable; but then again, 2007 & 2008. The other interesting quote from Monday was in reference to the no-huddle offense. You can't really go down to that well too often, because it'll create an awful burden on the defense.
  • Want more Norfolk St. game pictures than you'll ever need? Thank Tango Two and RUNYYFan. I am absolutely certain there is awesome stuff in Tango's album...and there's no way I can go through 900+ photos to find it all.
  • Brian Dohn from Scarlet Report catches up with Keith Sargeant for an interview. Some interesting stuff there, especially question four...
  • Eh, some good points from Steve Politi last week. There's an important distinction here though between what is, and what ought to be. As a matter of fact, Rutgers looks a year away right now. Someone find a time machine to five years ago.
  • Knowing zilch about FIU, I'm just reading the Miami Herald blog over the next few days.
  • Jourdan Brooks was 27 for 62 in Morgan State's first game.
  • UNC defensive line coach John Blake resigned on Sunday. For people who don't follow recruiting, there have been allegations of rule violations against Blake for years. It was to the point that when the Marvin Austin story first broke, it was mind-blowing that none of the alleged charges involved Blake. While this situation remains fluid moving forward, I think the resignation is a sign that the hammer is going to fall down hard on the Tar Heel football program. Does anyone doubt that UNC would sacrifice football in an instant if it meant saving their basketball program from scrutiny?
  • Cincinnati receiver Vidal Hazelton tore his ACL against Fresno State. That's always the last thing you want to see for a skill position player. They're always out for a year, and never come back at 100% if at all. As Brian Bennett notes in the linked post, the Bearcats still have decent players at WR, but their depth is taking a hit. They have bigger concerns on the offensive line.
  • Stuart from Educated Quest quotes Coach Schiano at the last TD Club meeting as expressing a preference for Saturday games. Stuart also has a plan to game the U.S. News rankings.
  • The famous Rutgers win over Virginia Tech in 1992 was not a happy moment for Frank Beamer.
  • Football Outsiders had one of the most pessimistic projections for Rutgers this year at 6-6, but they've updated their statistical model. Now it calls for 7-5. Still on the negative side, but slightly more plausible.
  • With Paterson Catholic closed, Marquise Webb is moving into coaching with The Hoop Group. Wonder how long it'll take for him to break into the college ranks.
  • Former Rutgers assistant Ted Cottrell recounts how Deron Cherry, possibly the greatest pro Scarlet Knight of all time, was actually cut in his first training camp in Kansas City.
  • If you didn't notice, the WNBA's New York Liberty are currently in the Eastern Conference Finals, behind the contributions of Cappie Pondexter, Essence Carson, and Kia Vaughn. Pondexter finished third in MVP voting this year. The Liberty will be moving to Newark for the next three years.
  • Several Rutgers classrooms should be looking a bit snazzier these days. I always thought the worst were in the front part of Scott Hall, and everything in the River Dorms buildings.
  • This blog is basically the Love Removal Machinee to mgoblog's Start Me Up, so not only did I enjoy this interview with Brian Cook, but I endorse most, if not all, of his sentiments expressed therein.