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Seventeen Rutgers players on active NFL rosters

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Here's the final tally from yesterday's round of cuts, which will be updated when practice squad signings are announced. There should also be a few more today as teams around the league scour the waiver wire. My guess is that Tim Brown will sign with a practice squad at the worst, and that Kevin Malast, George Johnson, and Ryan D'Imperio have a decent chance of returning to their camp teams on the practice squad.

Mike Teel (who still has eligibility if my reading of this is correct) will be a candidate too once he's rehabbed and ready to work out for teams. Kevin Brock should be in the same boat. Have to imagine that any cuts will be in the mix for the UFL or other minor leagues if they are so inclined.

17 players is down from the 20+ (which shifted from week to week) total from last year, which is attributable to the loss of Stapleton, Teel, Roberson, L.J. Smith, Stephenson, and J'Vonne Parker. That counterbalances having two first round draft picks, although the total should go up later in the year as injuries and attrition thin rosters.

Update: Ryan D'Imperio has officially signed to the Vikings' practice squad.

Second update: Joe Porter makes Oakland's practice squad.

Third update: Bucs sign George Johnson to their practice squad. He played well against Houston in their final preseason game.

Fourth update: Raiders sign Kevin Brock to their practice squad.

Fifth update: Tim Brown signs with the Cardinals. Rock on.

Baltimore Ravens - 1, RB Ray Rice.

Cincinnati Bengals - 2, RB/FB Brian Leonard and LS Clark Harris. Curious note: the Bengals lost their only fullback to injury, so Brian could see some looks there when he comes back if they don't sign another one off the waiver wire.

Chicago Bears - 0. Cut LB Kevin Malast.

Denver Broncos -  1, CB Nate Jones.

Houston Texans - 0. Cut FB Jack Corcoran.

Indianapolis Colts - 2, LB Gary Brackett and DT Eric Foster.

Jacksonville Jaguars - 3, WR Tiquan Underwood, OT Kevin Haslam, and S Courtney Greene. Everything was coming up Rutgers yesterday in Jacksonville with all three borderline candidates making the roster. Greene was a pleasant surprise here.

Minnesota Vikings - 0. Cut FB Ryan D'Imperio.

New England Patriots - 1, CB Devin McCourty.

New York Giants - 1, C Shaun O'Hara. Cut WR Tim Brown.

New York Jets - 1, LB Jamaal Westerman.

Oakland Raiders - 0. Cut CB Joe Porter.

Pittsburgh Steelers - 0. Cut LB Brandon Renkart.

San Diego Chargers - 0. Cut OG Cameron Stephenson.

San Francisco 49ers - 1, OT Anthony Davis.

St. Louis Rams -1, DT Gary Gibson.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 1, OG Jeremy Zuttah. Cut DE George Johnson and CB Derrick Roberson.

Tennessee Titans - 2, WR Kenny Britt and CB Jason McCourty.