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News and links roundup for 9/28

  • With a thin roster, could Mike Rice be looking toward playing a lot of zone this year?
  • It looks like the 2013 matchup with Miami will be paired with two additional series games. Hooray for quality scheduling.
  • Darnell Stapleton's prescription for fixing the Rutgers offense is more downhill running. Is there anyone in New Jersey who likes our faux-spread right now? Then again, most offensive linemen love to run block. Darnell is also critical of Savage for locking onto Mohamed Sanu. Sanu's the offense's best player, but there were other options available against UNC's depleted secondary.
  • Tulane fought back over the weekend against injury-decimated Houston, but at the cost of devastating their QB depth chart.
  • Not only did UConn pull Zach Frazer for Cody Endres on Saturday, now Frazer is demoted all the way down to third string. Time to queue up the Vader scream, because now UConn could actually be a good. Right when they've delivered maximal embarrassment to the Big East by losing to Temple.
  • Brian Leonard is back for the Bengals, and didn't miss a beat as the world's greatest first down conversion expert.
  • Kenny Britt and Jason McCourty came back to New Jersey on Sunday to beat the Giants. That was one of the worst Giants losses in a while, with New York marching up and down the field and immolating in the red zone. Nine times out of ten they win that game; it was far more painful than merely losing because you're not good enough. McCourty could miss a few weeks with a fractured forearm.
  • The entire Patriots defense struggled in New England's close victory over Buffalo. Devin McCourty was a mixed bag, but considered that Darius Butler was benched for a UDFA. The McCourty pick wasn't popular in April, but New England would really be lost without him. Especially since some of their other corner draftees haven't panned out.
  • Anthony Davis struggled against Tamba Hali in San Francisco's loss to Kansas City. It hasn't been a great start for the Niners, with Alex Smith mired in mediocrity, and offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye being shown the door. Davis blames a retaliation penalty on the dirty play of Chiefs lineman Shaun Smith. Being the next Kareem McKenzie is no way to go through life.
  • Jamaal Westerman is questionable for week four. The same goes for Ray Rice.
  • Haven't seen this Tiquan Underwood article linked anywhere. He had his first ever NFL reception Sunday against the Eagles.
  • Don't look now, but Army could be half decent this year.
  • According to the Greg Aiello, there are 55 NJ high school graduates in the NFL. That ranks eighth among all states, and is only one less than Pennsylvania. In fairness, that kind of ranking should probably be weighted to some extent. However, Rutgers under Greg Schiano has proven really effective at producing a lot of players who've been able to stick around the margins of NFL rosters.
  • In his recent State of the University address, Pres. McCormick announced several new initiatives, including a sorely-needed $1 billion fund-raising campaign. Several other new plans to cut costs and generate revenue are also in the works. The Ledger's take is worth reading too, with several differing details.
  • Hey, anyone remember Ryan Hart's lawsuit against Electronic Arts? That's still ongoing.
  • Alabama is making a mockery of the NCAA's scholarship limits.