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News and links roundup for 9/24

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  • Did you see Miami destroy Pitt last night? Well, hopefully Rutgers could be seeing the Hurricanes multiple times over the next few years. Will the random guy on Scarlet Nation end up being right on that one?
  • Not that their missing players were probably coming back anyway, but the NCAA just officially suspended two UNC defensive backs. Meanwhile, that investigation continues onward. Tar Heel Fan has some good commentary on the latest developments.
  • Does playing Georgia Tech's Triple Option affect opposing defenses in subsequent games? One downside is that the Rutgers staff can't really gleam much from last week's film.
  • Men's basketball fans: Jon Rothstein had a couple important updates last night on the 2010-11 rotation and recruiting, so read those.
  • Kenny Britt and Jason McCourty return home this weekend with the Titans. Britt and Hakeem Nicks will be forever linked by the 2009 draft. While I am a Giants fan, I will never embrace Nicks, and would be thrilled to see Britt have a monster game on Sunday. NY were never going to draft Britt (some of the beatwriters said they didn't give him a first round grade, probably for the very reasons Aditi describes), but it would still be great for Kenny to prove them wrong.
  • Will the Wizards sign Hamady N'Diaye?
  • With Jeff Faine injured, Jeremy Zuttah is seeing time at center for Tampa.
  • Anthony Davis bounced back on Monday Night Football.
  • Rutgers season ticket holders are upset at the possibility that the New Meadowlands Stadium didn't coordinate their ticket mailings with Rutgers. Speaking of the stadium, check out this story about how it gets customized for each host team.
  • Shawney Kersey has interest in Rutgers. Que?
  • It would be awful if Bill Stewart reinstates Brandon Hogan from his suspension for a DUI. Speaking of which, what's with the sudden rash of arrests at Pitt? Rough game last night for the Panthers, who couldn't block Miami at all. Dion Lewis struggling just goes to show how dependent running back success is on a good OL (as Giants fans can attest to after that beatdown from the Colts).
  • Will three times be a charm when FIU tries to upset Maryland? They'll also play Pitt.
  • Did Dick Anderson get a raw deal at Rutgers? Probably, although a lot of the fans back then remain critical of his recruiting. The consensus seems to be that Anderson or Doug Graber could have been successful in better situations.
  • This is a good article from USA Today (who quietly do some terrific sports business reporting) on the growing phenomenon of student fees subsidizing college athletic departments. The Rutgers athletic department gets approx $319 from each according to the article. Compared to when I last looked at the topic (re: dividing USA Today data by enrolled students), that figure has been slowly creeping upward.