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News and links roundup for 9/21

  • Rutgers has released more student tickets for UNC. Is the demand that strong, or are sales slower than expected?
  • I am unhappy that ESPN decided to make the Rutgers/Tulane game an ESPN3 exclusive, so it won't be televised on SNY. That creates more incentive to go to the game though, and it's nice to play at 2 pm instead of noon.
  • Ryan Neill received an unexpected call last week with the welcome news that he would get to be the new long snapper in San Diego.
  • Courtney Greene made his first career start at safety for the Jaguars on Sunday against Neill's Chargers. Starter Anthony Smith was inactive.
  • Quincy Douby is the subject of a Times story about agents poaching clients.
  • Former basketball coach Kevin Bannon doesn't care to dwell on his time at Rutgers.
  • Devin McCourty played in every defensive snap for New England's week one opener against Cincinnati.
  • The UConn Blog has lost all confidence in Zach Frazer, and is calling for Cody Endres. Seriously, how could you not see this coming? UConn has a good running game, but they've also had injuries at LB, and the rest of their defense hasn't been impressive. Endres suspension or not, it might be time to start rethinking the cult of Edsall considering that Frazer was handed the starting job back in the spring without any pretenses of a fair competition.
  • Pittsburgh coach Dave Wannstedt apparently is not busy enough coaching the Panthers, and remains fixated on who other Big East teams play out of conference.