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News and links roundup for 9/17

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  • Linebacker U revisits the 1995 incident where a Penn State quarterback passed for a touchdown in garbage time, sparking a a verbal confrontation between Doug Graber and Joe Paterno. Yep, Paterno didn't ask Mike McQueary (who's now a PSU assistant) to run up the score, but it's still a pretty good reason to hate both of them and the Nittany Lions.
  • Greg Romeus's back injury could be worse than previously feared. The Panthers do have excellent depth at DE though. For now, linebacker Dan Mason also won't be starting in the middle. Syracuse also just lost receiver Aaron Weaver for the year with an ACL injury.
  • Syracuse is joining Rutgers and UConn on SNY. Meh. SNY gets more desperately-needed winter programming, although SNY's own website seems pretty clear about what geographic locations are and aren't located in the New York City market.
  • FYI: Manny Collins and Cam Stephenson made the roster for the UFL's Hartford Colonials.
  • Ever wonder what ever happened to former Rutgers commit Jerome Messam? He finally made it past numerous legal problems into the CFL.
  • Is it too early to call Cincinnati coach Butch Jones the new Steve Kragthorpe yet? It's depressing that Mustafa Greene played so well for NC State, although there isn't really a fair basis for comparison here until Casey Turner returns. Big East critics have a fair point this morning, but they are disingenuous to ignore the past few years when the league wasn't bad at all.