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News and links roundup for 9/14

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  • If not for football, Gary Brackett would have been a stock broker.
  • Did you know Jamaal Westerman is back in graduate school at Rutgers?
  • UConn coach Randy Edsall is not going to talk about injuries, thank you very much. Rutgers apparently made a mockery of the new reporting rules from day one.
  • Rutgers wrestling coach Scott Goodale is keeping a preseason blog. also has an interview with Billy Ashnault.
  • Former Hun lineman Anthony La Lota is transferring from Michigan. I say don't even bother with this one; transfers almost never work out, and LaLota was/is super raw and didn't want to play his better position on offense.
  • Gary Parrish has a good article on impermissible phone calls in college basketball recruiting in light of the recent Tennessee scandal.
  • In retrospect, it probably wasn't the best idea for New Jersey to give hundreds of millions in subsidies for the New Meadowlands Stadium. They still owe $110m in debt on the old one.
  • Fulmer Cupdate: college athletes are increasingly getting in trouble with the law.
  • Tuition hikes are outpacing inflation at New Jersey's colleges and universities, with the largest public increase at Rutgers. It's still a relative bargain considering what private schools cost though.
  • Hey South Jersey and Philadelphia: what's with the hatred of Donovan McNabb?