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Rutgers football training camp kicks into high gear

  • Art Forst makes me feel infinitely more reassured about the offensive line, which was expected to be the biggest question mark entering camp..

    "In the run game, it’s very similar, but in the pass game, there are some differences," Forst said. "I just feel more natural and it’s easier for me. In every way, I just feel that [tackle] is more of a natural fit."

    Forst has a huge frame, which I thought made him look a little awkward at guard (even though that could have just been inexperience).
  • Yes, I am calling Tom Savage a liar - because I refuse to believe that he is capable of crying in any context. With Steve Shimko out injured the backup reps have been going to true freshman Chas Dodd. The depth chart behind Savage is going to be an ongoing storyline through the year.
  • Tim Wright's reward for a breakout spring is early work as a starter opposite Mohamed Sanu over Mark Harrison. That's one camp battle to watch, along with Bing vs. Ryan at corner.
  • Also of note in that Wright article was a brief mention about Jamal Merrell moving from WR to LB, where he actually was listed last fall.
    True freshman Jamal Merrell, listed as a linebacker on the roster, saw time at wide receiver, though Schiano wasn't ready to commit to anything yet with the 6-2, 200-pounder. "I think he's a guy who can play a lot of positions," Schiano said, "but he's a long way off."
    Now the WR depth chart is slightly more forgiving for the freshmen, and LB has another body following Carter's transfer. Figuring that Glaud is the most likely candidate to replace Lowery in 2011 as a starter, it should be good competition between Merrell and the freshmen LBs to replace Abreu in 2012.
  • Photos of course are up at and Scarlet Scuttlebutt. Everyone's talking about how much slimmer Antwan Lowery looks this year.
  • Watch the media day presser with KnightVision.
  • Temple's athletic director confirmed an upcoming series with Rutgers at a booster event earlier in the week. How about a public announcement on either side?
  • Joe Susan is going through his first camp as Bucknell's head coach.
  • Haven't heard anything about this tweet yet, nor this post. Can't find anything else on either.
  • FanFest pics are courtesy of and Rivals poster Tango Two. The bubble's up. Marcus Thompson looks very muscular for a freshman. Laryea's left bicep is out of this world.