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8/6 Rutgers NFL training camp updates

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  • Add a misdemeanor citation for driving with a revoked license to Kenny Britt's offseason tally (or even add two, as the citation caused Britt to miss curfew). No one's ever ascribed any sort of bad intentions to Kenny, but these small oversights continue to be an issue. Is that pertinent to his play on the field?
    "Focus is key to everything for me,'' Britt said. "When you're out there and you have the heat beaming on you, are you going to focus on the heat or the play? Are you focused on being tired? Because if you're thinking about being tired, you're going to be tired even more. So you just have to push all that stuff outside your head.''
    The article continues by nothing his willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty for fans. So again: by no means a bad guy, just your average 21-year old trying to find his way. Mentioned offhand there is that Kenny now has a fiancee.
  • Anyway, Britt is apologetic about his car window tints, and explains that his license was actually suspended due to that earlier parking tickets issue.
  • Britt said he lost his license and went to the Department of Safety in Tennessee for a new one when he was told New Jersey had placed a hold on his license. Needing identification to board a plane, Britt was issued a photo I.D.

    "I asked the lady if I found my license would it be OK to drive. She said OK. I found my old license. I also had a paper from New Jersey to release my license, but I never went back to motor vehicles. The lady said I was OK with the license in my hand," Britt said after practice.

  • Speaking of maturity, that's also an issue for another extremely young draft pick in Anthony Davis. He's in line for more of a slow transition into a starting role, while fellow rookie Mike Iupati is more polished right now. Davis is starting to see more time with the ones as a result of a few minor injuries to his teammates hwoever.
  • Jack Corcoran's back with the Texans after they released veteran Justin Griffith. They still have Vonta Leach entrenched as a starter, who's mostly a blocking specialist.
  • Mike Teel's hamstring pull could cost him valuable time with the Bears. The backups in Chicago weren't getting many reps as is.
  • Kevin Haslam - hazing victim (super super not work safe).
  • Jason McCourty is blogging for the Tennessean. He's looked good so far.
    Coaches were thrilled with McCourty’s work ethic and understanding of the defense heading into camp. His first day with the starters served as a reminder that he’s made himself the early favorite to land the job.
  • Darnell Stapleton worked out for the Pats on Tuesday, but they opted to sign another player.
  • Ray Rice advises fantasy players to draft Chris Johnson ahead of him.
  • Jeremy Zuttah is competing with Keydrick Vincent to start at left guard for the Bucs. Zeus won't be playing LT for sure now that Tampa signed Donald Penn to a contract extension.