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News and links roundup for 8/31

  • Marvin Austin takes to Facebook in hopes of restoring his reputation. That situation is coming down to the wire with UNC unwilling to release an official depth chart.
  • Morgan State transfer Jourdan Brooks still credits Ray Rice.
  • UConn's Greg Lloyd surprisingly returns from a planned redshirt to start against UConn. There was also some noise about moving him to DE, but Lloyd is back at MLB.
  • It's eye-opening to see how inexperienced Syracuse is expected to be this year.
  • Clem Udovich is now considered a player/coach.
  • The Miami Herald has various FIU updates.
  • Wrestling coach Frankie Edgar represented Rutgers in his victory over B.J. Penn at a weekend UFC event.
  • I missed this Ledger piece on accents last week, featuring this guy. NYC's influence is definitely spreading southward, although there really isn't any distinct accent at all in the central part of the state surrounding the Rutgers campus.
  • Todd Frazier's batting line for the season in Triple-A Louisville is slowly creeping upward, although on a whole it's still depressed by his early season struggles with strikeouts.