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Rutgers football releases depth chart for Norfolk State

Everything's up in the updated preview on Assorted thoughts:

  • Harrison's a starter at WR, but let's see if he actually plays on Thursday night. Robinson at second string is a pleasant development. I'm going to go ahead and wishcast a big year from Mase in the slot and on returns. Move him all over the field to isolate the best matchups.
  • Jordan Thomas is officially the backup halfback. Wonder how things shake out when Casey Turner returns.
  • Carrezola's listed at fullback now. That's a technicality, although I look forward to seeing him on the field with Jefferson at the same time. Carrezola has always looked like a H-Back.
  • Larrow in at backup under tackle, as had been rumored. I'm curious to see how that rotation plays out. Wouldn't be a huge surprise if Francis slides over to tackle at points and Merrell plays DE, but Larrow has a ton of potential too, and I'm eager to see him on the field.
  • Laryea lining up at FB and second string SLB is not something you see too often in the modern college game. Have to imagine the other guys in the mix for that spot were Milewski, Booker, Thompson, and Lane.
  • Coach Schiano said a few days ago that Bing had narrowly edged out Ryan, and now Cooper has jumped Jones for the fourth CB spot. Both should play though. Rutgers should have good depth at CB this year.
  • Kivlehan over Givens at backup FS will upset some of the recruitniks. A bigger concern for Givens should be that he's only a year behind Harmon and Greene, who will probably start the next two years.

All in all, nothing much in the way of huge surprises. has video of Schiano's presser (transcript). The only bit that really stood out to me was a comment praising some of the younger OL like Bujari and Watkis. Oh yeah, he was also coy about whether Dodd will play.

P.S. Army has a video service called KnightVision too? Time to get the lawyers involved.