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News and links roundup for 8/3

  • Tiquan Underwood is going into Jaguars camp with more confidence.
  • Jason McCourty is locked in a tight battle for a starting job at corner for the Titans.
  • It's shocking, really, but Tim Brown is fast.
  • The Big East could move its media day to New York as a response to the Pac-10 holding its event there this year.
  • Rutgers apparently needs to update its list of football letter winners.
  • Wisconsin A.D. Barry Alvarez can see the Big Ten expanding eastward. The Big East and John Marinatto are powerless to stop them.
  • Jeff Frazier helped the Tigers beat Boston on Saturday.
  • Gov. Christie says Rutgers originally came to him with a proposal to distribute medical marijuana. I'd have to know more details about that initial conversation. Everyone involved with Rutgers knows about the perils of transversing the school's multiple, overlapping hierarchical layers of bureaucracy. It is unbecoming for Christie to publicly voice a lack of confidence over how this decision was handled. A representative from the administration can't really respond in kind when the Governor is holding the Sword of Damocles over their heads as is, and it's inappropriate to meddle too much in what's supposed to be an independent institution.