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News and links roundup for 8/27

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  • With training camp coming to a close, the big news earlier in the week was that Mason Robinson moved back to receiver. That's where he probably should have been all along. Robinson could have been a good change of pace back, but didn't really have the body type to run in between the tackles. He has the speed though to really be a useful weapon this year. The biggest downside to the move is that a thin RB depth chart gets even thinner. It's unfortunate that it took Wright's injury to make this happen, but assuming the team's other receivers recover as planned, they could end up in decent shape.
  • Mike Poole hinted about this on Twitter (along with a couple reporters like Zach Braziller), and now Adam Zagoria is reporting that a New York forward is leaning towards Rutgers. It seems like the basketball staff is involved with so many names that I can't even try to venture what the final '11 class will look like.
  • It's extremely good news that Howard Barbieri has apparently conquered his issues with Shotgun snaps. I'm more optimistic about the receivers, but offensive line play still has to be the team's biggest concern at the moment.
  • has a Norfolk State preview, but it doesn't have the new depth chart. However, it does include an updated roster. Mason Robinson is listed as a WR/RB, Edmond Laryea as a LB/FB, and Fabian Ruiz at DE/TE.
  • No idea at all what to make to all of the outlandish rumors surrounding the UNC football program right now. Whatever happens, there needs to be an immediate resolution so all parties involved can make the appropriate contingencies. It's not fair to UNC's opponents this year if they can't properly gameplan with so much uncertainty. It's an ongoing investigation, but time is of the essence.
  • Jason McCourty's final camp diary is up.
  • Mike Vorkunov at the new New Jersey Newsroom Pressbox site looks at Dan Donigan entering his first season as men's soccer coach.
  • Ryan Blaze signed with Hartford of the UFL. Going to have to look through the UFL rosters at some point to see which Scarlet Knights made their respective teams...
  • With Norfolk State on the horizon, this 2007 column on Markeece Preston is worth revisiting. What I took from the article: any prospects interested in Rutgers absolutely need to attend the June football camp if they receive an invitation.
  • Transfer Richard Muldrow is expected to start at RT for Richmond.
  • One analysis suggests that a potential Big East network could generate considerable revenue. Hard to say much more without knowing the details.
  • According to Football Outsiders Rutgers has the 26th best football program of the past half-decade.