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On the Banks preseason BlogPoll ballot

The BlogPoll is officially moving to SB Nation this year.Here is my initial ballot, with a few assorted thoughts below.

  1. I will not show the Big Ten any respect until they deserve it. Penn State is a special case in that department. They are either going to start a walk-on or true freshman at QB. It doesn't matter how good their defense is, that's a recipe for disaster. Until proven otherwise it's safe to assume that the rest of the conference will be just as middling as it's been in recent memory. That doesn't mean that there aren't good teams at the top, but the middle and bottom will be bad. Even if Ohio State et. al. are good, they won't have a chance to prove it against the Minnesotas and Illinois of the world.
  2. Consequently, I'm high on the top ACC contenders, although less so on FSU or Clemson. Miami finally has the offense to succeed, and the same can be said for VT.
  3. Oregon seems high considering no Masoli, although I'm not sure who else to put up there. Last year had more turnover than most because of all the underclassmen defections to the NFL draft, so I see 2010 as being as wide open as any season in recent memory.
  4. I understand the argument for Pitt being too high. They have a couple more holes than the average contender, but I see them as just being so good at a few marquee positions (WR, DE), that it really won't matter.
  5. Count me as a Boise skeptic for now. I always see them as being built around smoke and mirrors, as opposed to a TCU or a Utah that are more fundamentally sound. Beat VT and maybe it's a different story.
  6. Not going to drink the Nebraska kool aid until they show any sort of competency on offense.