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Rutgers quickly running out of receivers

With Tim Wright out for the year, and Mark Harrison and Quron Pratt sidelined for the moment, wide receiver was one area where the Scarlet Knights absolutely could not afford another injury. Well, that one area of concern just got even more pressing with the news that J.T. Tartacoff was carted off the practice field today with a leg injury. Like with Harrison, Tartacoff's status is a complete unknown at the moment. Still, it's officially panic time. These injuries could hamper RU's ability to use multi-receiver sets this year. The top two receivers for now are Sanu and true freshman Jeremy Deering, with Keith Stroud at #3 followed by the remaining freshmen.

In other news on the day Schiano announced the position switches of Fabian Ruiz back to DE, Edmond Laryea back to LB, and Andre Civil to OL. The Civil move is permanent.  He had opened camp in the two-deep, and Coach Schiano was talking up Ruiz several weeks back.Considering that DL and LB are the deepest positions on the team, the moves raise an eyebrow in that respect. Laryea was projected as a starter at FB (although Rutgers probably won't use one much this year). I wouldn't put too much credence in the idea of Martinek playing FB. He can surely play spot duty there, but like it not all signs point to Joe being the primary ball carrier again.

Laryea's move makes some sense if Marvin Booker is still struggling to work back from his injury, and freshman Marcus Thompson isn't ready to contribute. I...officially don't know who the fourth tackle is now, so maybe Ruiz could contribute at DE if someone else is moved inside. Civil moving to offense makes defensive line even more of a pressing recruiting need for the 2011 class.