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News and links roundup for 8/20

Note: hopefully the positional previews will continue here soon. They're on the backburner at the moment because of time constraints.

  • Morgan Carter describes his transfer from Rutgers as amicable, with his desired major available at Georgia Tech.
  • Transfer receivers Eddie Poole and Pat Brown followed assistant Brian Jenkins to Bethune Cookman.
  • Scarlet Nation has a nice little scholarship depth chart up that's worth bookmarking. FWIW, my ship count from a few weeks back was 81 too, although it's hard to know for sure with some of the walk-ons. This year's team is young young young.
  • Greg Schiano was on Miami radio (scroll down) on Wednesday morning. Football Scoop has a partial transcript.
  • Here's Dave Wannstedt on his defensive personnel.
    "Every one of our defensive ends at Miami and Dallas, they were all guys that were converted linebackers. Our defensive tackles were converted defensive ends. Our outside linebackers were strong safeties. There is a science to this madness."
    Sound familiar? That's exactly what Schiano does, in fact our coach probably is far more gung-ho in his emphasis on speed.
  • UConn coach Randy Edsall isn't spilling any details regarding the announced suspensions of QB Cody Endres and guard Erik Kuraczea. Michigan's secondary is so battered right now that embattled starter Zach Frazer could probably win on the road in Ann Arbor, but not having Endres is going to a giant obstacle otherwise. Is it too much to read into this suspension why Edsall favors the obviously-inferior Frazer beyond a general inclination towards experienced veterans?
  • Rutgers soccer kicks off the season Saturday with their first scrimmage.
  • On the heels of a breakthrough season, Rutgers wrestling coach Scott Goodale thinks the sport could actually generate revenue.
  • Hey, want to know a bunch of esoteric technical details about the new scoreboard at Rutgers Stadium?
  • Penn State is never going to schedule Pitt in football, ever, thank you very much.
  • With Walter Seward having passed on nearly two years ago, does anyone know if that makes Harold Bergman the oldest living Rutgers alumnus at 107 years young?
  • Rutgers is renovating the River Dorms to some extent. Didn't see anything in there about adding air conditioning to Campbell or Frelinghuysen, not that it's on for more than two weeks in any semester in the other dorms.
  • The NJSIAA playoff ticket debate continues.