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2010 Big East preview ballot

This was supposedly for a SBN feature that has yet  to appear. Here's how I voted. Now, to work on that blogpoll ballot...

1. Big East Standings (give me your 1-8 in order)

1. Pittsburgh
West Virginia
4. Rutgers
5. Connecticut
6. Syracuse
7. South Florida

2. Big East Bowl Predictions (Team, Bowl Game; Team, Bowl Game; Team, Bowl Game, etc.)

Pitt - Fiesta (they get the last pick of the BCS bowls next year, so you can bet it'll be a BE team)

WVU - Champs (Cincy gets bumped)

Cincy - Meineke

Rutgers - Pinstripe (ugh, those ticket prices)

UConn - Pizza/Liberty . No one else is eligible. Champs can only take ND once in the next four years.

3. Big East Offensive Player of the Year

Noel Devine edges out Dion Lewis here.

4. Big East Defensive Player of the Year

Greg Romeus is really good and won't see many double teams opposite Jabaal Sheard.

5. Big East Freshman of the Year

Logan Ryan if redshirt freshmen count. He was great during spring practice and will either start or be the nickel back. It's hard without knowing who's in line to see major playing time. Demar Dorsey would be a good candidate if the NCAA clears him. Marquis Spruill could start.

6. Big East QB of the Year

Zach Collaros will put up the best numbers, although Tino Sunseri only needs to have a pulse to produce with Jonathan Baldwin and Dion Lewis.

7. Big East RB of the Year

With Pitt's OL looking shaky inside, give the edge to Noel Devine. You can make a case for a lot of these guys though. Imagine if Victor Anderson comes back with a vengeance.

8. Big East WR of the Year

Jonathan Baldwin is the most talented receiver in college football. Sanu could overtake his numbers if Pitt just runs the ball on every down.

9. Big East OL of the Year

Jason Pinkston was really good last year.

10. Big East DL of the Year

Greg Romeus, although Scott Vallone is awesomeeeee.

11. Big East LB of the Year

Scott Lutrus is the best if he stays healthy this year.

12. Big East DB of the Year

Robert Sands? Not too many of these guys returning.

13. Big East Special Teams Player of the Year

I'd rather give this to a returner in Tavon Austin than a punter.

14. Big East Coach of the Year

Randy Edsall is the best, now that Brian Kelly's gone.

15. Most Likely Big East Coach To Be Coaching In Big Ten/SEC Next Year

Sorry UConn, the secret's out on Edsall now and teams will keep calling.

16. Most Likely Big East Coach To Be A Coordinator In The MAC Next Year

No one will be fired, although I expect Bill Stewart to start really hurting West Virginia this year.

17. Most Likely Big East Player To Score Major Points In The Fulmer Cup (a.k.a. run afoul of the law)

I don't know, but it probably won't be a Rutgers player. They're almost never in trouble with the law.

18. Best Uniforms

Rutgers is the homer choice, but none of them are really that distinct.

19. Worst Uniforms

The USF color scheme is ugly, ugly, ugly. For God's sake ditch the gold helmets for good you philistines.

20. Best Home Crowd Advantage

There's no question that it's West Virginia.

21. Worst Home Crowd Advantage

Tossup between UConn and Syracuse.

22. Team Most Likely To Defy Expectations

Cincinnati will take a step back without Kelly, and they have no defense, but Butch Jones has proven that he won't Kragthorpe away Kelly's success.

23. Team Most Likely To Fall Short of Expectations

The Big East media poll was reasonable. Various assorted predictions are overrating UConn and USF, but based on the official vote let's go with West Virginia. They'll probably be good, but the Stewart factor could really wreck some havoc.

24. Big East Coach From Another Team You'd Most Want Coaching Your Team

Does this mean assistants? Pitt has good coordinators, but David Walker is this great running backs coach who used to be at Syracuse, his track record is ridiculous. Him or Chris Beatty from West Virginia would be great hires.

25. Big East Player From Another Team You'd Most Want Playing For Your Team

I wouldn't mind nabbing Zach Hurd to add some experience to the Rutgers OL inside.