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News and links roundup for 8/18

  • Rutgers alum Dan Stratford from Jersey Sports Radio is a semi-finalist to win a job with WFAN.
  • Finally, CFB Data Warehouse has a worthy challenger in Sports-Reference's college football site. Keep an eye on that as it adds new features.


  • I enjoyed this Football Outsiders article on zone blocking.
  • As per Yogi Berra the newest known Rutgers fan is Montclair resident Bobbi Brown (the makeup artist, not the woman from the Warrant video or the dude from New Edition). Yogi of course has been to RU games in the past, and his son posts on the various forums. Summit's Jim Cramer is already on the record as being in the fold from a few months back as some of you may recall.
  • The Xanadu drama never ends, does it...
  • New Jersey legislators prep to go to war (mostly on geographical lines) over Atlantic City, the Meadowlands, and horse racing.
  • The future of NJ HS state football finals hang in the balance pending upcoming political decisions.