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News and links roundup for 8/11

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  • The Chicago Bears are actually placing Mike Teel on injured reserve. Think of it as a redshirt year for Teel. He's a pet project of Chicago exec Tim Ruskell, and now gets a year of salary to work with Mike Martz as his personal tutor. The hamstring injury was relatively minor, but camp snaps were already at a premium as is, and he wasn't going to see snaps this year behind Jay Cutler anyway.
  • Oof, the Cowboys cut Kevin Brock due to his high ankle sprain.
  • In a precautionary measure Marvin Austin and Greg Little are working with the second string at UNC camp practices, and it doesn't look great for Austin.. The latest on that investigation is that the doing something a lot of people had speculated on, in expanding their probe to focus in on ace recruiting assistant John Blake. UNC freshman RB Gio Bernard also tore his ACL, which is a blow for a Tar Heel offense without much depth in the backfield.
  • Todderick Hunt from State of Rutgers was on the Double G Sports podcast yesterday.
  • Rutgers has the third highest number of athletic department donors in the Big East after Louisville and West Virginia.
  • Here comes Todd Frazier, to the tune of hitting .433/.553/.733 in August for Triple-A Louisville. It helps to have only struck out seen times so far, when he was whiffing like crazy earlier in the year.
  • Former Rutgers assistant Mario Cristobal looks to bounce back from a disappointing 2009 at FIU. Job number one is finding a QB.
  • Pitt reinstated end Jabaal Sheard, which should cement their place at preseason Big East favorites. Early word is that their corner depth is shaky though.
  • Announcer Chris Carlin owes his career to a guy with no pants. No, he's not talking about a certain WFAN radio host with a show simulcast on YES.
  • Yep, Penn State athletics is made of money. They're rumored to be adding men's and women's hockey in the near future.
  • Shame, shame, shame on LSU. In this instance, negative recruiting is not only fair but it's deserved. They ought to be shunned en masse for pulling a scholarship on the eve of camp.
  • New Jerseyans support ending the state subsidy for horse racing, but aren't enamored with in turn taking over the Atlantic City casino district. Is the answer sports betting?