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8/10 Rutgers NFL training camp updates

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  • It turns out not being able to practice with a bruised hamstring is a bad thing, because the Bears cut Mike Teel.
  • That's balanced out by the Pats signing Darnell Stapleton and the Chargers Cameron Stephenson.
  • And there's more bad news too, with Brian Leonard suffering a severe foot injury during Sunday's preseason opener. He'll know more today.
  • Kevin Brock also suffered a high ankle sprain in the contest. Actually, the injury to Cowboys backup John Phillips significantly improves Brock's chances of making the roster now. You can flip a coin between him and Scott Sicko, with the loser possibly ending up on the Dallas practice squad.
  • Clark Harris was alternating snaps at long snapper.
  • Anthony Davis actually saw some work with San Francisco's first team offense over the weekend.You'd imagine that the Niners want Davis to win the job outright, but his long term development is primary.

    "He has all the physical talent in the world. The guy's a big dude, and he likes to get after it. He has good feet and can really move well for a guy that big."

    Davis tips the scales at 323 pounds. He changed his eating habits upon joining the 49ers, replacing red meat with more fish and chicken and eliminating fried foods. He described himself as being in the "best shape I've ever been in."

    With Davis showing improvement over an uneven first week of camp, Coach Mike Singletary wasted no time in naming him and fellow rookie Mike Iupati a starter. That's a quick turnaround from how things were looking only a few days ago.
  • Tim Brown keeps getting positive mentions at Giants camp. Look at the picture attached to that article, it looks like the infamous photo of Noel Devine and Wes Lyons. I'm still a little peeved though at the lingering "Brown's good, but he's not making the roster" sentiment. It's not like Sinorice Moss is suddenly going to figure things out. Brown's considerably better, which is evident from watching either play. The only reason there's even a faux-debate is because he's getting discounted solely based on size. That doesn't mean Tim makes the roster, but he's not getting bumped for one of the single worst players in the NFL in Moss.
  • Ryan D'Imperio is still in the process of learning the fullback position, although there's no word yet on his chances of staying on Minnesota's roster.
  • Tiquan Underwood already had some momentum based on a strong offseason, but his chances of making the Jaguars are even better now that a competitor suffered a serious injury.
  • Unfortunately, it seems to be the same old story with George Johnson. He was an early standout at Tampa's camp before getting hurt. Johnson is very talented, but hasn't been able to stay out of the training room.
  • Kenny Britt missed practice Friday with a hip flexor, but returned on Saturday and appears healthy. Otherwise he's been doing well.
  • Congratulations to Gary Brackett, who tied the knot last month.
  • Jamaal Westerman's value to the Jets is in his versatility.
  • Jason McCourty could play a lot for the Titans this year with all of their injuries in the secondary.