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News and links roundup for 7/7

  • The Jaguars released Cameron Stephenson.
  • Richmond looks to Rutgers transfer Richard Muldrow to play a big role in the coming season. Has the athletic department even announced that Muldrow and Smith left yet?
  • Joe Susan looks for a quick turnaround at Bucknell.
  • Could Brian Leonard see more carries as a result of Cedric Benson's struggles?
  • Hey Anthony Davis, what's with the Boston cap?
  • Todd Frazier was in the midst of the first major hitting slump of his career this year, but is finally starting to hit his way out. Still a little worried about his strikeout to walk ratio.
  • Quincy Douby will be playing this year with Omar Cook in Montenegro.
  • Cappie Pondexter is trying to lead the New York Liberty to the playoffs, but she won't be too much help being ejected from games.
  • New Jersey colleges carry heavy debt loads. Rutgers wants to gain control over UMDNJ-New Brunswick in order to help keep more high-quality New Jersey students in state.