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On the Banks, brought to you by EA Sports and NCAA Football 11

EA Sports is sponsoring a series of posts here and across the other college sports affiliates on SB Nation this week to promote the upcoming release of NCAA Football 11. The latest entry in the long running video game series, Tim Tebow cover art and all, will be released to stores everywhere next Tuesday, on June 13th.

The chance to play in a simulated version of the expanded Rutgers Stadium should be reason enough to guarantee your purchase. Just look at how great our beautiful temple looks this year in digital form.

I wonder who that mysterious QB #7 is. He's rather fetching.

Now, the central theme of this campaign will be a focus on interactive, user-driven community content. On the Banks has seen very healthy traffic growth since launching in its current inception, and that's wonderful, but the network is looking for more reader participation and that's the emphasis with this series. Management wants to see you guys respond and share your stories.

On the Banks tries to get to the very core of Rutgers athletics, and nothing is more central to that in the first place than your fan allegiance the Scarlet Knights. The theme for this week will be delving into that in more depth, analyzing all the complex issues and such that come along hand in hand with our mutual obsession.