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News and links roundup for 7/30

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  • The contract numbers for Devin McCourty - five years, $13.2 million. It looks like Anthony Davis will sign his deal today and not miss a day of camp. It's great to see both have their hard work rewarded with lucrative contracts. Now to put that Rutgers education to good use and save their earnings.
  • Tom Luicci was on Rivals Radio on Wednesday with Bill King. He compared Tom Savage to John Elway (physically, at least, it's an apt comparison), and talked about D.C. Jefferson's progress among other things. King's comments about recruiting there were more than a little inaccurate, which Luicci rightly pointed out.
  • Speaking of which, another guest on the program was the writer from Pitt's Rivals affiliate. He thinks that Jabaal Sheard not only will play this year, but won't even miss any time. That looks really bad if the assault allegations are true. To think it seemed like Ole Miss adding Jeremiah Masoli would be the most detestable news of the offseason. The Jeff Hafley comments seem pretty off base too considering that he has only secured one player this year with a Rutgers offer, and there's no proof yet that Hafley is even an effective position coach.
  • Tom Savage thinks Lost was confusing. At least he's not an Eagles (or Cowboys) fan, so we're still good.
  • Scarlet Nation takes a look at Antwan Lowery.
  • Art Stapleton in The Record had a good piece on Mike Teel yesterday.
  • The Washington Wizards are on the fence about signing Hamady N'Diaye.
  • The Detroit Tigers called up Jeff Frazier from the minors.
  • Jeremy Zuttah needs to get meaner in the trenches. He'd probably have more value playing center where he'd be able to put his smarts and athleticism to better use.