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News and links roundup for 7/27

  • Coach Schiano is back from vacation and starting to make the media rounds, as Big East media day is a week away now. His interview last week on RU's new Philadelphia radio station was very brief and had no information of note, and I haven't been able to find an audio archive of the one from Shore Sports Radio. There's another one from a Miami station that went a few minutes, with the most notable information being a mention of how many Rutgers players in the NFL like to come back to campus and train with Jay Butler.
  • Last year was actually Mohamed Sanu's first as a wide receiver. Considering his punting skills, is there anything that Sanu can't do?
  • Ben Doody from the Trentonian previews the upcoming football season with a Syracuse radio station.
  • Hamady N'Diaye seems to have figured out that buddying up with John Wall is probably a good strategy if he intends to stick around for a while in Washington.
  • Anyone looking to find FIU coverage in the Miami Herald leading up to their game with Rutgers may be out of luck. Pelegrin makes some good points, but it seems obvious why any Miami stories were a higher priority than FIU for the Herald.
  • While commissioner Jim Delany only cares for generic platitudes, Penn State coach Joe Paterno has no problem openly lobbying for Rutgers to join the Big Ten.
  • Courtney Greene wants to the best safety in the NFL.
  • So far only one NFL first round pick has signed, which could delay Devin McCourty's arrival to training camp for a few days.
  • Dan Duddy has a writeup on the recent Brian Leonard football camp.
  • With David DeJesus having a career year, it was looking like he'd finally get a chance to escape the miserable Kansas City Royals. Now that's probably not going to happen with DeJesus out for the year with a thumb injury. DeJesus is quietly one of the more underrated players in baseball, but between Kansas City and a lot of his value coming from defense, he's never really gotten fair recognition.
  • Dana O'Neil has a very interesting read on an anonymous survey of NCAA basketball coaches.
  • Darnell Stapleton's latest column is up.
  • Piscataway's mayor responds to a letter by a former mayor criticizing River Road construction.
  • Rutgers has turned down a proposal by Gov. Christie to grow medical marijuana on campus. The school has cited worries about endangering their federal funding. Considering their current financial situation, that's an understandable worry. Federal drug policy surprisingly hasn't changed all that much in the past year and a half under the new presidential administration.
  • Speaking of Christie, his administration's proposals for Atlantic City last week basically amounted to walling off the casino district from everything else. Now the study's authors are publicly citing New Brunswick and DEVCO as a model (although the A.C. plan would have far more government intervention). Interesting that they cite the N.B. model as opposed to Hoboken or Jersey City.
  • This link about racial integration in the early days of college football is about a month old, but it's an interesting read for the history buffs out there.
  • Pres. Obama is visiting near Rt. 27 in South Edison tomorrow on an vital mission of national interest: pick up lunch at Tastee Sub.