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News and links roundup for 7/20

  • Adam Zagoria reports that Rutgers could be close to receiving a verbal from 2012 Nigerian wingman Daddy Ugbede. That's sure to please headline writers everywhere. David Cox is really looking like a fantastic hire. Still curious as to when the 2011 class dominoes start to fall.
  • Mike Teel tweeted yesterday that he's close to signing with a new NFL team. It's good to see Teel make it to a training camp, and the rumored landing spot that leaked over the weekend looks like favorable situation.
  • What exactly is Eric Murdock going to do for Rutgers?
  • P.J. Fleck's influences goes far and wide.
  • Will Quincy Douby end up on a NBA roster this year?
  • I wasn't aware of the story where a former FIU walk-on murdered back Kendall Berry back in March.
  • Rutgers played a role in hosting the 1994 World Cup, and could be in the mix again the next time the event comes to the United States. That article includes quotes from Rutgers A.A.D. Kevin MacConnell.
  • Of note is that Temple has released its fall 2010 football roster, and New Brunswick's Brandon Smith is nowhere to be found. That's usually how it goes with transfers, even the high profile ones. To think how mad everybody was at Michigan for getting a clean sweep of J.B. Fitzgerald, Smith, and Witherspoon, and now it appears that the latter two are out of football entirely. That 2008 NJ class has quietly produced lot of busts.
  • Cincinnati may pick up a receiver transfer from USC.
  • Pitt DE Jabaal Sheard was suspended following a Sunday altercation in which he reportedly threw a man through a glass door. If that's true then his college career should be over.
  • New details are starting to emerge about the recent news reports surrounding the UNC football program. DT Marvin Austin has deleted his Facebook and Twitter accounts, but his Tweetphoto archive still exists (with evidence of Austin's Bentley, and trip with teammate Mike McAdoo to Miami with Kentwan Balmer).The probe is also expanding to South Carolina and Florida. Here's what's at issue with Austin, who may very well lose his eligibility.
    "They (NCAA) wanted to know who paid for his transportation, who paid for his expenses and whatever else he was doing down there," a source said.
  • UConn A.D. Jeff Hathaway is right in some aspects in challenging recent stories about the financial state of Husky football. In some ways he's getting off light though, considering how their athletic department receives a rather large subsidy from the school's budget. (Of course, RU was in much worse shape as of the newest figures from 2008).
  • Remember my post about how Penn State's cupcake home games are letting them build up their non-revenue sports? Well, it's happening again, this time in gymnastics.
  • New Jersey's budget woes are likely to continue into the foreseeable future.
  • I enjoyed this story on minor league baseball in NJ.