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News and links roundup for 7/2

  • Syracuse and Penn State to play at the Meadowlands in 2013. That's an annoyance. Syracuse fans aren't happy either, although a neutral site game plus a home and home isn't nearly as bad as giving up a home game to play in New jersey.
  • Anthony Davis is switching agents to Drew Rosenhaus? IIRC Davis met Sunny Shah through his friend Eugene Monroe. Rosenhaus promises that negotiations with the Niners will go smoothly.
  • iXP is funding Antonio Lowery's scholarship this year.
  • Via Danny Breslauer, former Rutgers soccer coach Bob Reasso has resurfaced as an athletic director at Husson.
  • Gov. Christie calls higher education his highest priority for funding increases if/when the state budget situation improves. Christie sees higher ed as a way to grow the state economy, which jibes with RU's research on the subject, arguing every state dollar spent for Rutgers returns five-fold.
  • Rutgers students are collecting signatures for a referendum to make marijuana the lowest priority for law enforcement in New Brunswick.