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Nice going there, Big East

Imagine for a moment a hypothetical perfect candidate for Big East commissioner. What if one such individual was coming off a tenure at the helm of the Big XII, and subsequently oversaw the creation of the ultra-lucrative Big Ten network? Those accomplishments would pretty much birth a shoe-in for the job, right?

If your response to the proceeding paragraph was to instead hire a backroom crony, and you also happen to hate college football with an unbridled passion, please forward your resume and a cover letter to the following address (for the time being):

Big East Conference
222 Richmond St.
Suite 110
Providence, RI 02903

There may very well be employment opportunities there awaiting you in the near future, especially for those who have ever been anywhere even in the vicinity of a Gavitt over the past three decades.

Instead of making any kind of sense, the Big East put the Peter Principle in action, promoting the unqualified lackey to the previously-elevated unqualified lackey, both selected solely for the basis of safeguarding the interests of Providence College and the Big East's other non-football schools. For the all-sporters, what could you really do at that point beyond throwing your hands up and start making overtures elsewhere? If you think small time, you'll always be small time, missing the forest for the trees when it comes to the looming cataclysm resulting from the vast gobs of cable subscriber fees soon to be at stake (at least 'till a la carte cable comes and screws everything up).

Big East football schools aren't the only ones unhappy with the status quo. Since being passed over, Weiberg has been staying busy as the Providence mafia continues to twiddle their thumbs.

Scott's No. 2, associate commissioner Kevin Weiberg, resigned as Big 12 commish when members rejected his effort to start a conference network in 2007, defecting to the Big Ten to help launch the BTN instead. He may now play a significant role in putting the Big 12 on the chopping block ... with the lure of a conference network.

This, of course, being in reference to Saturday's jaw-dropping report on Pac-10 expansion from (which is now unfortunately behind a paywall). The Mayan calendar ends in 2012, which very well may have been predicting when the new world order in college football comes to fruition. In the meantime while that all gets settled, we're left waiting for the Big XII to finish staring down Missouri and Nebraska. It's a scene straight out of the Old West, and the Big Ten has an impetus to act now.