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Somebody really screwed up

When the New Jersey-Northeast Football Classic's very own website says the game was going to be broadcast today on Ch. 9 at 3 pm, and local media outlets are reporting the same thing, that usually is a good and dependable sign. Rutgers fans who can't make the game in person want to get a glance at future Scarlet Knights like Bryan Leoni out of Hunderdon Central, or just see New Jersey football stars play one last time on the high school level.

If that was the hope, you're unfortunately out of luck. Ch. 9 is currently airing Deadliest Catch. According to MSG Varsity's website, they'll be airing the game tomorrow at 8 pm. Considering that this happened with not even the hint of any notice, and things went off without a hitch last year, some sort of explanation would be nice. MSG Varsity is only available to Cablevision subscribers, reducing the television audience for the Classic to the level of the competing startup in Syracuse.

Whether it was WWOR or the game's organizers, this is an absolute travesty, and a total black mark on the celebrated contest.