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Another possible football departure

Tthe Rutgers athletic department has not yet confirmed's report about Abdul Smith's transfer. However, it appears that junior offensive lineman Richard Muldrow is no longer a member of the Scarlet Knight football team. No other additional information on either matter is available at this time.

Muldrow came into Rutgers as a fairly high-profile signee in the '07 recruiting class, but never cracked the depth chart in his three and a half seasons with the team. Unfortunately, that class ended up seeing a lot of attrition, and the jury's still out on several other signees entering a make or break 2010.

Any departees would open up scholarships for the incoming Class of 2010. Sometimes the NCAA Clearinghouse drags their feet (for instance, Kenny Britt wasn't cleared until halfway through his freshman fall camp), so any clarity on the program's scholarship count is up in the air for now.