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Hamady N'Diaye selected 56th in NBA Draft

I was not exactly looking forward to last night's NBA Draft. Sure, Nets president Rod Thorn spread bogus rumors about passing up on Georgia Tech's Derrick Favors for Syracuse's Wesley Johnson, but that seemed like such a deliberate smoke screen that last night's first round lacked much in the way of intrigue. It was a chalk draft, and that's roughly how things ended up playing out.

The one item of note on the night was whether or not Rutgers center Hamady N'Diaye would be selected later on, or have to try to catch on as a free agent. Arguably, the second possibility would be better, as the Senegalese giant and his agent would have been able to select a team. Being drafted feels much better though, and you couldn't wish better on such a class act of a player and person. Sure, he'll probably end up being the next Loren Woods (unless David Stern sees fit to somehow get Luke Harangody a starting job next year), but someone needs to represent Rutgers in pro hoops until Quincy Douby is able to make his inevitable triumphant return.

The Minnesota Timberwolves drafted N'Diaye, and his rights were immediately traded to the Washington Wizards. Considering that the Nets are abandoning New Jersey, I have no qualms at all about immediately switching my NBA allegiance to the Wizards (who happen to be a trendy bandwagon pick right now for other reasons). Plus, there are those sweeeet Bullets throwbacks.