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News and links roundup for 6/24

  • Hamady N'Diaye hopes to be selected during tonight's NBA Draft.
  • L'chaim - Quincy Douby could be moving from the Turkish league to Maccabi Tel Aviv next year.
  • Completely missed this last week, but the Texans waived Jack Corcoran.
  • Don't look now, but Todd Frazier just hit his second home run in two days. Actually, he has nine on the year, which isn't horrible at all considering his batting average. The problem is that he's been striking out way too much, and has a low batting average on balls hit into play.
  • Jason McCourty has "drastically improved", and continues to work as a starter.
  • A 49ers beatwriter praises Anthony Davis's work ethic. While A.D.'s conditioning has improved, it still needs work, and he may not open the year as a starter.
  • Surprise: Ray Rice couldn't be having a better offseason according to Baltimore HC John Harbaugh.
  • Football Outsiders projects Pitt and UNC as top 25 teams in 2010. UNC is about what you'd expect - incredible defense, and the worst passing attack around. Football Outsiders has launched a new college page. When their 2010 almanac comes out next month, this site will have a couple of tidbits and teasers for readers owing to SB Nation's partnership with FO.
  • USF could be the destination for transferring Colorado RB Darrell Scott. He was one of the biggest recruits in the country two years ago, but has disappointed up to this point. Louisville added safety Demar Dorsey after he was unable to get through Michigan admissions, sort of akin to Marcus Witherspoon's situation a few years back.
  • Hoops Weiss thinks the debate about the Knight Commission obscures what athletic programs can do for a university beyond the bottom line. That can vary on a case by case basis. There's something to be said for trying to quell the explosive growth in athletic spending nationwide. If a department makes a profit, then fine, but that kind of spending can induce competition to run into the red in order to keep up with the joneses. If this was solely about money, then all non-revenue sports would be in danger.
  • Is anyone particularly surprised by the story that UConn's athletic department only employs two compliance officers? The piece notes that Rutgers has five. Their other programs aren't as troubled as men's basketball under Jim Calhoun. Michigan has the most compliance officers of anyone, and Brian Cook thinks they're idiots for bungling Dorsey's admission.
  • It's shocking that Notre Dame decided to let Mike Ragone back on their team. Not that he did anything particularly bad, but their ResLife would have booted him for sure in the past. That may be a sign that things are changing in South Bend, and Brian Kelly would seem to be a good place to start there.
  • National, along with BLESTO, is one of the two official scouting services NFL teams use to get a general feel for the coming crop of draft prospects earlier in the year. While probably wildly inaccurate, and certain to change after next season, Draft Insider has started to post leaked National grades for next year's draft.