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News and links roundup for 6/23

  • Disclaimer: I don't follow basketball recruiting too closely, besides sites like Zagsblog and the like. Mike Rice and staff seem to be off to a good start there with Jordan Goodman, and getting a lot of top 2011 prospects to visit campus, but there's no sense in getting excited about recruits after getting burned on that front so many times over the past four years. However, it is very impressive to read how fast Tyrone Johnson has turned on Rutgers in just about a month. It's best to wait and see for now, but the new basketball staff is off to a good symbolic start at the minimum.
  • Kenny Britt is battling a knee injury. An even bigger concern for Britt was him guaranteeing the bail bond for a childhood friend several months back who's now being charged with murder. It's old news, and still looks horrific in retrospect, but Kenny already took his public hits there. In fact, he's understandably miffed today considering that he specifically did not bail the friend out of jail, which had been originally reported.
  • Art Forst was named to the Outland Trophy watchlist. Here's hoping that he takes to tackle well this fall and can live up to that billing.
  • Thanks to Cranford Knight for linking this on Rivals: NFL QB guru Steve Clarkson thinks Tom Savage is a future first round NFL draft pick. He has the physical attributes, but any speculation at this point is far too premature. It's unfathomable now to even think of him declaring early...and yet, ever Rutgers fan would be thrilled if Savage turned in a brilliant sophomore season.
  • Some good info on the Big East's TV deal...
  • Jon Rothstein thinks Hamady N'Diaye will get drafted, and credits Darren Savino for N'Diaye's development
  • Anthony Davis drew mixed reviews with his offseason work.
  • Can someone explain why even though Kevin Brock supposedly signed with the Cowboys a month ago, it was being reported as fresh news yesterday? Was that just an official announcement?
  • The latest Talking Football Live podcast featured Jason McCourty.
  • Essence Carson has been struggling for the New York Liberty.
  • The EA Sports Teambuilder website is back up, so anyone interested can view the NCAA Football 2011 rosters again. If that site is correct, the expanded Rutgers Stadium is in the game this year.
  • The Educated Quest author, who posts about Rutgers every so often, reviewed Bobby Deren's Draft Season book. Deren, for those not aware, is a writer for Scarlet Nation on Rivals.