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Rutgers football releases post-spring depth chart

Scarlet Scuttlebutt seems to be the only site hosting it. Some thoughts:

  1. Nothing is by no means set in stone at this point.
  2. Kordell Young is listed over De'Antwan Williams as second team RB. Presuming both are able to play this fall (by no means a certainty for Young), Kordell's pass protection will get him on the field. This strikes me as both a symbolic reward for him, and a motivational ploy for Williams, who still needs to improve his blocking and ball security. Williams is still the better bet to play in the fall, and could even push for major minutes.
  3. The offensive line has to still be unsettled following all the injuries over spring practice, and is still subject to change. Position wise, I'd imagine that the staff was experimenting with everybody to see where they fit best. Not having seen a snap outside of the spring game, I like Stapleton at LT, Forst at RT, and Wynn at G because it supports my pre-conceived notions about the trio. McBride over Wilson at 2nd team RT is a minor surprise. Not making the two-deep is a bad sign for the futures of Muldrow and Hardison.
  4. Nick DePaola as second-team FB? Is Joseph still hurt? IIRC, Solice was back playing defense, although I might be remembering incorrectly there. Regardless, numbers should dictate the FB being de-emphasized in 2010 in favor of 3/4 WR and 2 TE sets.
  5. Bing seemed like a better fit as a nickel last year. He had a good spring by all accounts, but it'd be nice if Jones or especially Ryan started opposite Rowe (who played some nickel in the spring too, but his size seems like a better fit outside than in the slot).
  6. Civil over Holmes is not even remotely a surprise, and absolutely the right decision. Holmes has to be thought of as a long term project for 2011 and beyond. Civil and Larrow are just as physically gifted (although obviously less bulkier), and far ahead of Holmes on the skill curve. Slightly disappointed that Bayoh is the 4th DE over say, Merrell, but given how much Rutgers rotates its DL, the 9th and 10th linemen should get to play some.
  7. Booker returning from injury pushes Lane out of the two-deep at LB.

All in all, nothing earth-shattering. But it's certainly duly appreciated in the midst of offseason doldrums.