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News and links roundup for 6/18

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Whoops. This was supposed to be posted yesterday. Sorry for the lack of content lately, things have been hectic.

  • Giants WR/KR Domenik Hixon tore his ACL earlier in the week. Considering Hixon's role with the team as more of a speed receiver with some ability on returns, and Sinorice Moss's general antipathy towards the game of football, Tim Brown's chances of making the roster just improved by a significant amount. They're probably set with Steve Smith, Mario Manningham, Hakeem Nicks, and Ramses Barden as their top four receivers. Derek Hagan is in the mix as a special teams gunner, and they could always try to sign someone else, but Brown's chances have improved for the time being.
  • The Indianapolis Colts cut Brandon Renkart.
  • Jim Carr is upset that Rutgers can't hire former player Marquise Webb due to NCAA regulations. Speaking of Twitter, I don't even want to speculate on this tweet without additional context.
  • One new basketball hire however is Eric Murdock. Does is it matter at all that Murdock initially supported Fran Fraschilla's candidacy for head coach? I'm too uninformed to say anything else about the hire, besides automatically distrusting anyone with ties to Providence College not named Lou Lamoriello. By the way, Murdock is absolutely wrong about basketball possibly ever being bigger than football. RU turned down Big East membership for football reasons. Athletically, Rutgers is so much of a football school that there's no point in even getting upset by Seton Hall fans or whoever saying that.
  • Kristian Dyer said Rutgers coaches visited Jets practice on Tuesday, where owner/J&J magnate Woody Johnson thanked Phil Galiano. Johnson and Johnson of course is headquartered in New Brunswick, and is one of the city/region's main economic actors alongside Rutgers.
  • Baseball draftees Pat Biserta and Jayson Hernandez signed with MLB teams.
  • Is Tiquan Underwood a breakout candidate for the Jaguars? Good to see that he's putting on some muscle.
  • Jersey Jets Fan has a new interview with Jamaal Westerman.
  • Devin McCourty's biggest challenge at the moment is learning New England's playbook.
  • Basketball assistant Jimmy Martelli grew up wanting to be an athletic director.
  • Bobby Gonzalez vs. Seton Hall is really starting to heat up. That's why Rutgers was so eager to buy/out Fred Hill's silence.
  • The Knight Commission made a lot of recommendations on Division I athletics yesterday, all of which are certain to be ignored. I'm sure Rutgers would happily sign on with tying postseason eligibility and television revenue to academics, but that won't exactly fly elsewhere. The report itself is a pretty sparse read.
  • H/T to Sean Keeley on this one. Remember how Penn State basically bought a wrestling program last year (funded by a cupcake OOC football schedule) by hiring Cael Sanderson from Iowa State? They're at it again with Cornell's lacrosse coach. It's a good thing that all the money in the world can't guarantee them decent basketball.
  • This post about how design by committee made the new Meadowlands stadium boring and uninspiring left me very upset. The private investigator in Breaking Bad said it best. No half measures.