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NCAA '11 rosters are out, and they are terrible

Thanks to PeteyKirch for the tip.

EA Sports has released its NCAA '11 rosters via the Team Builder website. Anyone who wishes to see the rosters will have to register (free), create a team, then load in the Rutgers roster preset in order to see the ratings. Below is an analysis of EA's ratings. This is an extremely nerdy discussion topic that'll probably bore most of you to death, but what else is there to talk about at the moment?

Update: UniWatch points out this uniform screengrab, which is rather odd.

Update2: EA Sports has taken down the link. Fortunately, the player ratings are still preserved below.

Update3: Back up again.


Tom Savage - 88

Steve Shimko - 71

Chas Dodd - 59

Analysis: Harsh, but fair on the backup ratings.


Joe Martinek -85

Kordell Young - 80

De'Antwan Williams - 80

Aaron Hayward - 67

Tyrone Putman - 66

Analysis: Mostly ok up top, although Hayward is a receiver and that has been clear for some time.


Robert Joseph - 69

Casey Turner  - 65

Analysis: EA doesn't seem to be aware that Edmund Laryea is the starting FB. Turner is going to play RB.

Wide Receiver:

Mohamed Sanu - 93

Mark Harrison - 87

Julian Hayes - 82

Keith Stroud - 80

Tim Wright - 78

Mason Robinson - 76

Brandon Coleman - 75

J.T. Tartacoff - 67

Analysis: Understandable how they wouldn't take into account Stroud and Pratt breaking out during the spring, these have likely been set for months. I LOVE Mark Harrison's potential, but he's far too high, as is Hayes. Sanu has decent throwing power/accuracy at 75 each, but they should honestly be higher considering his skill as a passer.

Tight End:

D.C. Jefferson - 81

Paul Carrezola - 76

Malcolm Bush - 68

Analysis: Jefferson still has throwing skills. No major complaints, beyond my general frustration with EA correctly representing redshirt years.

Left Tackle:

Richard Muldrow - 78

Devon Watkis - 76

Jamal Wilson - 66

Left Guard:

Art Forst - 80

Howard Barbieri - 74

Frank Quartucci - 63


Matt Hardison - 78

Nick Libonati - 66

Right Guard:

Caleb Ruch - 84

Des Wynn - 77

Antwan Lowery - 75

Right Tackle:

Des Stapleton - 80

Chris Fonti - 65

Analysis: It's hard to project rosters going into spring practice, but projecting Muldrow as the #1 LT when he never showed an indication of even cracking the two-deep at RT is the epitome of laziness/poor research.

Left End:

Jonathan Freeny - 83

Sorie Bayoh - 74

Mike Larrow - 70

Right End:

Alex Silvestro - 86

Justin Francis - 78

Evan Lampert - 63

Analysis: EA generally tends to muck up the underclassmen here, but I'm peeved to not see Civil.

Defensive Tackle:

Scott Vallone - 77

Eric LeGrand - 76

Isaac Holmes - 65

Ken Kirksey - 64.

Analysis: And hereeee's where it all goes to hell. Vallone and LeGrand are a terrific pairing and far underrated. Senior starter Charlie Noonan is mysteriously absent in an inexcusable omission

Strongside Linebacker:

Manny Abreu - 83

Al-Ghaffar Lane - 73

Ka'Lial Glaud - 69

Marcus Thompson (?) - 49

Middle Linebacker:

Jim Dumont - 78

Marvin Booker - 69

??? - 55

Weakside Linebacker:

Antonio Lowery - 79

Steve Beauharnais - 67

Morgan Carter - 62

Analysis: The freshman SLB could be Thompson, although it's not entirely clear. The complete mystery is the sophomore MLB listed at 5'10, 225 lbs. Seriously, who is that? Everyone else seems reasonably on the mark. Beauharnais's rating here is a giant snub, and Lowery was underrated too.


David Rowe - 82

Brandon Bing - 80

Logan Ryan - 79

Darrell Givens - 77

Rashad Knight - 67

Tejay Johnson - 66

Analysis: Probably should have included Brandon Jones.

Free Safety:

Pat Kivlehan - 79

Abdul Smith - 75

Lorenzo Waters - 60

Strong Safety:

Joe Lefeged - 91

Khaseem Greene - 77

Jeremy Deering - 66

Analysis: Greene should be starting over Kivlehan. Harmon really ought to be here. Deering unfortunately wasn't given any special throwing ratings.


San San Te - 88


Teddy Dellaganna - 86

Analysis: Te gets 93 kick accuracy? Will wonders never cease?