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News and links roundup for 6/11

  • Lenn Robbins: The SEC is considering adding WVU and Louisville, and other expansion rumors.
  • More APR fallout: Coach Schiano gave interviews to Rivals Radio and Paul Finebaum on the subject and expansion, saying nothing on the latter topic. Why again was he that more more open to WFAN last month? If only you could track helicopters on FlightAware...
  • Rutgers basketball gets to play in the Big East-SEC Challenge this year, drawing Pittsburgh.
  • Pat Biserta, Jaren Matthews, and Jayson Hernandez went in the latter rounds of this week's MLB draft. Matthews went lower than he did three years ago when he nearly signed with the Boston Red Sox. It would be nice if he came back for another year and tried to improve his stock with better power numbers.
  • Former Scarlet Knight Chelsea Newton is returning to the banks as a women's basketball assistant to Coach Stringer.
  • It had to happen eventually: first rounders Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati have cracked the 49ers' starting lineup at Right Tackle and Guard, respectively.
  • For a look at what's going on behind the scenes, I recommend this article on how Baylor and Texas Tech successfully lobbied to join the Big XII. This conference shakeup is so monumental that some day there's going to be a captivating book written about it all, once the dust settles and people are willing to talk.
  • Kevin Haslam's versatility gives him added value to the Jaguars, and the fourteen other teams that wanted to sign him after the draft.
  • Mike Teel is "all business" now that he's a Patriot.
  • Scarlet Report's Brian Dohn is now taking on additional duties at Scout's Virginia Tech affiliate. if any Hokie fans by chance catch this, Dohn has proven excellent, in both covering UCLA in the past and now Rutgers. It will be an uphill battle considering that Tech Sideline and especially VT's Rivals affiliate are well-entrenched.
  • The Record listed Steve Beauharnais on its decade All-Bergen team, notably snubbing Bosco legend Mike Teel in the process (non-qualifier Rashad White also made it). Not sure how to take that list seriously without Brian Cushing. Rutgers fared better in Passaic, with Jorge Vicioso, Chenry Lewis (who later transferred), Rashawn Ricks, and Ryan Neill making the cuts.
  • LFBall may know what's going to happen to former men's basketball assistant Darren Savino, and (deservedly) rages against Hofstra for not hiring Al Skinner. Not sure if I agree with his first paragraph about the RU staff considering all the recent visits. I don't really follow basketball recruiting, but Adam Zagoria says that a Baylor transfer will soon be taking a visit.
  • Former football assistant Randy Trivers is now a high school head coach in Florida.