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News and links roundup for 5/27

  • Ray Rice Day comes but once a year. New Rochelle residents should register today.
  • Per Adam Zagoria, Hamady N'diaye has multiple workouts lined up.
  • Guard Antoine Myers is still mentioning Rutgers. RU is reportedly one of a multitude of schools to express interest in JUCO forward Carrick Felix after he was let out of his Duke LOI. Even if Coach Rice adds more additions, both would seem like major longshots.
  • After being waived by the Bears, the Dallas Cowboys picked up Kevin Brock. He'll be in competition with John Phillips and Scott Sicko to be their third tight end behind Jason Witten and Martellus Bennett.
  • Could the fact that the Patriots pounced on Mike Teel right after he hit the waiver wire portend well for his chances in New England? Yes, he was streaky in college, but think about it like this. Teel's really sharp, and nobody's going to outwork him or put in more time studying film. He has a live arm, and unlike a lot of other college QBs, didn't have a spread offense inflating his stats. He did it without training wheels, and a naked comparison of college production (vs. say, Zac Robinson) would unfairly fail to take that point into account. Doesn't mean he's the next Tom Brady, but I think Teel has as good of a shot as any developmental quarterback to stick around for a few years as a backup.
  • Devin McCourty is now an official endorser of Nike products. Now all he has to do is score around $13 million from the Patriots.
  • Sixth-seeded Rutgers baseball beat third-seeded Pittsburgh 9-5 to advance in the winner's bracket yesterday at the Big East championship in Florida. Next on the table is UConn.
  • There's an ongoing spat over whether Florida or FSU first invented Gatorade. Apparently, they both knocked off a sports drink first developed at Rutgers.
  • Daniel Jeremiah's influential Twitter feed is history, as he's now working as a scout for the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Ok, internet polls may not be completely reliable, but over 80% of visitors to Tom Tango's blog claim to at least have a bachelor's degree. Tango is right up there with Brian Cook for "best and most influential creative types, period", with no qualifiers needed about sports or the internet.