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News and links roundup for 5/25

  • Mike Rice's staff is complete with the hiring of Van Macon away from Fordham. They'll still need a director of basketball operations though.
  • Otherwise, Monday was as typical a Rutgers basketball day as any other. 2011 Plainfield point guard Tyrone Johnson reportedly still favors Villanova and Georgetown, and would only be the latest New Jersey star to flee the state's borders. That's a stomach punch with no PGs projected to be on the roster in 2011, and Plainfield is only a 10 minute drive from the RAC. However, the David Cox hiring could possibly already paying dividends beyond Tyree Graham, with a M.D. prospect decommitting from Georgetown. Wow. Zags has more.
  • You may have known Rice is making $550k this year, and has bonuses tied to ticket sales. But did you know this?
  • Most contracts look and read very much the same. For the most part, Rice's contract with Rutgers, though much shorter and more succinct, is no different. But athletic director Timothy Pernetti made a concerted effort to sandwich the legalities and formalities with a warm welcome. Rice's contract is actually a letter that starts with, "Dear Mike: It is with great pleasure that I offer you the position of Head Men's Basketball coach at Rutgers," and concludes with, "While this MOA [mutual operating agreement] must of necessity be somewhat formal, I want you to know that I am enthusiastic and looking forward to a great partnership."
  • Notre Dame BB coach Mike Brey describes the atmosphere at Big East meetings in Florida as "like a morgue".
  • To start out with, Anthony Davis (along with fellow rookie first rounder Mike Iupati) is getting backup reps in San Francisco while adjusting to the NFL..
  • The National Football Post is reporting details of Ryan D'Imperio's contract with the Vikings. The Star Tribune ran a brief interview last week with the first 2010 Viking draftee to sign a contract.
  • Aditi Kinkhabwala said Tim Brown impressed at Giants OTAs on Friday.
  • Zaire Kitchen reportedly tried out for the UFL's Hartford Colonials on Saturday.