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News and links roundup for 5/18

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  • Kenny Britt is back in shape, and now cleared to practice for the Titans. He may not even the biggest Rutgers football story out of Nashville this week though.
  • Ryan Mouton has his eyes on the prize — starting cornerback for the Titans — but he has to prove he's willing to fight for it.

    That's because the coaches can't contain their enthusiasm about Jason McCourty, who's doing everything right.

    It's hard to imagine after watching Jason struggle as a senior in 2008. He does have ideal measurables though, and his twin brother Devin just went in the first round. Perhaps Jason would have been better served with an additional redshirt year in college, and is now just starting to reach his potential.
  • The ACC is more than doubling its television revenues to $13m a team per year with its new ESPN deal. Now the Big East will have absolutely no chance of luring away an ACC team.
  • Aaron Rodgers of the Packers has an open challenge out to ESPN's Todd McShay to sit down and analyze film. As much as he's probably right about McShay, football knowledge doesn't necessarily have any bearing on the draft. A Mike Mayock may be the best media personality at analyzing players, but a journalist like Rick Gosselin is able to make the best predictions every year through working his sources.
  • Blackouts are on the table for the Jets, with 10,000 unsold PSLs as of this point.
  • The Rutgers commencement was on Sunday, which meant honorary degrees for Gov. Chris Christie and New Jersey native Judy Blume.
  • Media, you can start colluding now. The Wall Street Journal reports that the New York Times plans to charge for online access in 2011.
  • This was interesting to me. Even though NJ Transit is, comparatively, one of the best state rail systems in the county, only its Northeast Corridor line makes a profit. That's the NYC-to-Philly one that's also part of Amtrak's Northeast corridor, which includes a stop by Rutgers in New Brunswick.