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News and links roundup for 5/13

  • Once again, Rutgers football shines in the Academic progress rate rankings. The usual caveats apply, but it's a nice headline grabber, especially with the 81% graduation success rate.
  • I didn't really elaborate on this much yesterday, but I'll take a wait and see attitude for now on the Detroit News report that said that Rutgers may have to make initial financial concessions upon joining the Big Ten. That could just be speculation, or, a contingency based on the ability to secure basic cable coverage in the tri-state area. I really liked Brian Dohn's take on everything.
    The only thing I am willing to say is every plan I’ve heard so far – from sources in the midwest, in the east and on the west coast – has Rutgers being invited to the Big Ten, providing Notre Dame isn’t the lone addition. But that does not mean other plans cannot materialize.
  • Steve Sauers is officially on the Seton Hall staff as Director of Basketball operations. I'm assuming now that Kevin Boyle and Jim Carr are still on the mix for Rice's staff, and Billet isn't an option? Can't say that the news that Brandin Knight is staying at Pitt is all that surprising. Georgetown's David Cox is a bit of a curveball due to his ties to D.C. instead of New York City, but SBN affiliate Casual Hoya would be sad to see Cox leave.
  • Probably won't amount to anything due to medical issues, but one Tennessee basketball transfer has Rutgers on his very long list. In the meantime, Rutgers is still looking to fill its 2010 class, and even 2011. This Cleveland Melvin column seems pretty dumb, but it does have an eligibility tidbit about another recruit.
  • Via Brian Bennett, there are major obstacles to overcome in any plan to establish a Big East Network. The real shame in this discussion is that's gotten lost how immoral and fan-crushing these revenue-extracting enterprises truly are.
  • Blair wrestler Mario Mason is transferring home to Rutgers from Minnesota.
  • Mike Teel was recently on the Sports Pit podcast.
  • Hamady N'Diaye is working out for the Washington Wizards.
  • If New Jersey/New York win the 2014 Super Bowl, the halftime show will rehearse at Rutgers. John Mara is promising economic benefits from the game...which are little comfort given how many public subsidies went into building the new stadium at the Meadowlands.
  • A good tip from Brian Cook: go to your bookie and lay down some money on Georgia next year in the SEC. Turnover differential matters...which is why we all should hope that last year's stellar number is attributable to playing an awful schedule, and will be trumped by a very young squad improving.
  • The Leader has an interesting article on the future of the NJSEA, although their website seems to be having trouble.