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News and links roundup for 5/11

Former Rutgers athletic director Bob Mulcahy opined on Big Ten expansion Monday to Sirius XM. I was wondering if anyone actually heard the interview, and luckily Keith Sargeant came through here. This is quite the shift considering Mulcahy's past comments (although there are several key differences there). Nothing all too surprising, although readers should be cautioned that Mulcahy's opinions are solely his own and he is not a proxy for the athletic department. Pernetti and Schiano are likely on board with most, if not all that was said, but neither would ever dare comment publicly.

Andy Katz weighs in on the B10 moves, but doesn't really say anything of substance. His SportsCenter video is more informative, refuting the radio report, and declaring that RU, Nebraska, and Mizzou would all accept the B10's offer. ND is probably a no unless the Big East dies. They're also looking at Maryland and...Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt?!?!?

In the midst of all of the expansion stories, the minutes from the July 9, 2003 Big East meeting remain as insightful as ever.

Jason Baum hints that Rutgers fans will be excited by the latest APR score to be released tomorrow. Could RU possibly be rated #1 in all of FBS?

It's official: Book Richardson is staying at Arizona, meaning that Mike Rice now has to turn to other options like Brandin Knight and Kevin Boyle. Andrew Toole is replacing Rice at Robert Morris and hence isn't an option.

G/F Pat Jackson is transferring to Kent State.

Sunday was Mother's Day, and that meant overpaying for stale brunch for me, and another newspaper feature for Devin McCourty

I don't want to start rumors with this, but New Jersey tight end Mike Ragone is in legal trouble at Notre Dame. He is almost certain to be dismissed from their squad (even Brian Kelly will lose a staredown to ND's ResLife Office). I have no further information on the topic, and am only bringing it up as a side note. Remember recruits, there is no fun to be had in South Bend.

With Rutgers baseball in dire need of pitching. Duquesne P Rob Corsi is transferring home to Rutgers with the Dukes dropping the sport. Lots of rumors about incoming wrestling transfers on the horizon too, but nothing sourced as of yet.

There was an interesting thread on new Rutgers campus construction last week on Rivals.

Lloyd Carr and Morgan Trent are disputing comments from Bobby Deren's book.