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News and links roundup for 4/30

  • San Francisco's GM reviewed Anthony Davis highlights with the press. Spread fans should take note that playing in a Pro Style offense was touted as a major plus in AD's favor.
  • Ian Rapoport has one more Devin McCourty story with some added details from his recent blog posts.
  • With the Chicago Bears trading LB Jamar Williams, that could open up a roster spot for Kevin Malast considering that he's been getting some looks on their second team.
  • Kenny Britt showed up to Tennessee's minicampp out of shape, prompting Daniel Jeremiah to question Britt's work ethic. Not sure about that, although it does seem like Kenny's personality is a cross between Manny Ramirez and Toki Wartooth at times.
  • There's a weird story out of Dallas, where the Cowboys' draft board was somehow leaked (which has actually happened now for a few consecutive years). Intrepid minds have discerned that Dallas had Devin McCourty with a 2nd round grade, and Anthony Davis all the way down in the 3rd. While reading that story, I also saw that someone had graded all the pre-draft mocks for accuracy, and once again Rick Gosselin from the Dallas Morning News comes in as the best in the business.
  • New Jersey college presidents were in Trenton yesterday to testify on the proposed higher ed budget cuts. Pres. McCormick didn't say anything on UMDNJ.