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News and links roundup for 4/28

  • And then there were four: the candidates interviewing with athletic director Tim Pernetti are Fran Fraschilla, Fran Dunphy, Al Skinner, and, Mike Rice. None is a perfect option, which is why this is still a search or a coronation.
  • Jon Rothstein is reporting that Fraschilla is still in the driver's seat, and that Dunphy probably won't leave Temple (then why is he interviewing then; trying to get an extension?) Everybody's saying that Fraschilla has a heavy lead and Rice has little if any chance. Notably not involved: Jim O'Brien and Brian Gregory.
  • Jerry Carino reported that Reggie Theus had interest too, but Chas Rich tells me (as I don't pay much attention to the national college basketball scene) that he's tried to get involved with basically every coaching search this season to little luck. His stock sure as fallen from being in the mix for every NCAA job a couple years ago.
  • The Big East's bowl lineup is finalized, which includes the Liberty Bowl at least once every four years.
  • Via Brian Bennett, Brett McMurphy identifies UCF as the most attractive Big East expansion candidate. I agree, although it's the bunch of a sorry lot. UCF and Temple (ECU's out for market reasons, Memphis football is baddd) are the only two that you can even squint and hypothetically see them as working.
  • Boston Herald reporter Ian Rapoport spent the last two days at Rutgers and St. Joe's, and has filed numerous reports from both. Included in the series is a look inside the Hale Center and Coach Schiano's office, and even the obligatory question about whether Jason and Devin ever switched identities.
  • Ok, Peter King of SI does always praise the Patriots, but he really loves the McCourty pick too.
  • The Giants need a long snapper with Jeff Feagles retiring, so they'll be giving Ryan Neill a tryout. He'll join Tim Brown in camp, who turned down other suitors for he Giants.
  • I haven't listened yet to this Jack Corcoran interview on signing with the Texans.
  • The Tampa Bay Bucs cut Aaron Sears, meaning that Jeremy Zuttah will have no competition for a starting job next year at guard.
  • Baseball was swept by UConn last weekend.
  • Following injuries, Chelsea Newton is retiring from the WNBA to focus on coaching.
  • Remember that story about legislation to require that all state employees will have to live in state? Current employees will be grandfathered in according to proposed changes. It's still a terrible idea though that will only hurt Rutgers and other state schools.
  • Students won't need to be housed in the Crowne Plaza next year. Thank the terrible economy.