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Wrapping up on the draft

  • has the photos of Anthony Davis arriving at team headquarters. Likewise with and Devin McCourty.
  • Anthony Davis was too big as a kid to play Pop Warner football.
  • Coach Schiano has mentioned that Davis will eventually come back to complete his degree.
  • So, what about the talk that Rutgers football coaches weren't giving ringing endorsements of Davis to inquiring NFL personnel questioners? Niners OL coach Mike Solari weighs in on the weight topic, and HC Mike Singletary has his take as well.
  • One person close to Davis told Singletary he wasn't a party guy with an entourage. However, the coach said he was told: "Surround him with the right people ... make sure that you keep your hands on him."

  • For reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with Devin McCourty as a player, his selection is getting knocked early by the Boston media and fans. It's not even worth responding to that. Baltimore had similar skepticism towards Ray Rice, and look at how that pick turned out. Still, Coach Schiano hit the airwaves Friday to defend his charge.
  • There were a couple interesting points in McCourty's presser transcript.
  • Besides everything that has come out to this point about how Bill Belichick relies heavily on the advice of friends like Greg Schiano, Nick Saban, and Urban Meyer, one other interesting theory on the McCourty pick is that Belichick places a special value on the Combine 3-cone drill. Giants fans may remember that in Jerry Reese's spectacular 2007 draft, nearly all of the selections starred in the 3 cone drill.
  • The 49ers and Vikings had interest in moving LB Ryan D'Imperio to fullback, and now that's exactly what will happen after Minnesota picked him in the seventh round. He was a good player at Rutgers and had a great junior year, but always battled through frequent injuries.
  • Is there some Rutgers connection in Jacksonville? They just signed Kevin Haslam as a free agent. He and George Johnson should have been drafted, but were victim to the 2010 draft being one of the deepest classes in years.
  • Fullback Jack Corcoran signed with the Houston Texans.
  • Ryan Blaze is getting a tryout with the Lions.
  • As is Damaso Munoz with the Bears. Wonder if it's at safety, or he'll be competing with Kevin Malast as a LB in their Tampa-2 defense.
  • Unconfirmed Twitter reports have linked Tim Brown to the Giants. As a Giants fan, I hope the former is true, if only to Brown can replace one of his idols in Sinorice Moss. They had some luck under Bill Parcells with another undersized wideout in Stephen Baker.
  • Update: George Johnson and Andy DePaola only get tryouts with the Saints. I'm stunned that Johnson couldn't do better.