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News and links roundup for 4/21

  • Adam Zagoria has must read updates on the basketball coaching search. His story about Paterson Catholic potentially closing could have football implications too.
  • Tara Sullivan says Tim Pernetti has been consulting the likes of Bob Hurley, Jeff Van Gundy, and David Stern on the coaching search. Iffy on that last one. You don't want to wake up tomorrow and find out the team are moving. Some more candidate details there too.
  • Jerry Carino has Phil the Thrill endorsing Fast Eddie. Did anyone really expect otherwise?
  • LFBall has weighed in on the coaching search...and he likes O'Brien, Fraschilla, Rice, AND Jordan. Awww, couldn't he have slagged at least one of the candidates? LF does try to apologize for the obvious knocks on O'Brien and Fraschilla. I'm trying not to pre-judge the first two, but perception is a worry here even if they've been knocked unfairly, or just had the bad luck to get caught while the Caliparis of the world escape unscathed.
  • Sanu and Solice (now being listed at linebacker) are the latest to go down in spring practice. Improving players to watch Saturday include Brandon Bing and Desmond Stapleton. We won't be seeing Mason Robinson or Kordell Young until the fall.
  • Back to square one: per Greenstein, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is now saying that the expansion time table isn't accelerated, and will proceed as had been originally expected. Well then. Here's to another year of smugness. Delany will be addressing the media later today.
  • Even if the Big East received a temporary reprieve, I like Chas Rich's take for the most part on how the conference's inept, basketball-centric leadership made their own bed. Big East expansion may not be the right answer, but the current mishmash of a setup certainly isn't.
  • Hooray - baseball is ranked. Big series with UConn this weekend for Big East supremacy.
  • I'm...not enamored with the Lt. Governor's comments on the proposed merger between Rutgers and Thomas Edison State College. There's not enough money, so the problem will get dumped in RU's lap at the same time their budget is getting cut too?
  • About those budget cuts - looks like the same remedy is in order as has been the case for the past few years: record enrollment. Rutgers needs the tuition to stay afloat, but it's hurting all aspects of university life. Of note is that they're pushing for more non-NJ students. That's sure to anger the legislature, even though out of staters pay more tuition and boost the school's academic profile. That's a sad indictment of so many elite New Jersey students going out of state, but the school has to do something.
  • Welp, looks like the Dolans finally ruined Newsday. Ken Davidoff is one of my favorites.