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Fred Hill resigns as Rutgers men's basketball coach

Finally, our weeks-long regional nightmare is over. Per Luicci, the settlement is between 800-850k, meaning that Hill's side ended up caving.

The rumored candidates:

Among the candidates on what is surely a defined list given the length of time it took to settle the dispute with Hill are former Rutgers star and recently fired NBA coach Eddie Jordan, former Ohio State and Boston College coach Jim O’Brien and former St. John’s coach and current ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla, according to sources.

Assistant Darren Savino will serve as the interim coach.

Other possible candidates include Temple coach Fran Dunphy, former Kentucky and Texas A&M coach Billy Gillispie and Richmond coach Chris Mooney, who played at Princeton.

Seems like Jim Baron saw the writing on the wall and signed an extension with URI.

I am already on the record as being a Jordan supporter. As this topic has already been discussed to death on the blog before the move to the new site, please review these recent posts for the reasoning behind that and other factors of interest. I suspect that Fraschilla is going to be scrutinized to death in the media over the next couple days. Can't very well hire him with a straight face when his past two rumored flameouts sound so similar to how Hill's tenure ended. Smart people swear by him though, and there's the obvious Savino connection (he worked under Fraschilla at St. John's and New Mexico).

The case against Fran Fraschilla

- On his past two flameouts, with some rather disturbing allegations included.

Living with Fran

- A desperate, almost comical attempt to rationalize the news two weeks ago that Fran was the presumed front runner.

Coaching candidates list (part 1)

Coaching candidates list (part 2)

Coaching candidates list (part 3) - if you only read one of the three lists, it should be this one. Declares Jordan, Fran McCaffery (since to Iowa), and Seth Greenberg (signed extension with VT) as three best candidates.